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Alpa’s Modern Glass Collection is where innovation meets design

Our Modern Glass Railing is perfect for low-rise condo balconies, cottage decks, or rear yard decks; where the view is the star. This customer’s project included a new addition and deck with our Modern Glass Railing.

A fresh perspective with Alpa’s Classic Railing Collection!

ALPA’s Classic Railings goes well with any type of city, suburban sub-division, or a country home and is perfect for deck. No exposed connections and fine details make this line a classic.

Custom Décor X Railings and Classic Railings for this beautiful home in the Bahamas

Our Company worked off of drawings that were sent to our office by the contractor and architect/designer for this beautiful home in the Bahamas. We performed the takeoffs and we then supplied drawings of our custom Décor X Railings and our Classic Railings for this particular application. They were approved and the order went into production. The product was shipped to the Bahamas and the contractor there installed the products easily. The final look is exactly what everyone was hoping to achieve and Alpa Outdoor Products made it happen!!!

Alpa Outdoor Products is here to make your vision of the perfect porch a reality

This homeowner knows how to make her neighbour’s jaws drop. Despite not requiring railing at all to meet the building code, she still went all out and really added value and curb appeal to her property. Upgrading to our Executive Glass Collection gives this home a unique feel and makes it stand out amongst the rest. The decorative skirts on the columns were added to complete the look and feel of the porch. This homeowner was well informed, knew what she wanted, and made the right choice. Alpa Outdoor Products is here to make your vision of the perfect porch a reality.

Alpa’s Bronze Tinted Glass Rail adds beauty to this home’s curb appeal

ALPA recently completed a project in Brampton which in involved replacing an old wood railing and pickets with a Modern Glass Rail upgraded with a tinted Bronze glass.