Welcome to the new Alpa blog!

It’s Spring! At Alpa, that holds a special meaning for us. Yes, we love the warm temperatures and sunshine–but when Spring comes around, it’s about more than nice weather. When the grass greens and the barbecue comes out, it’s the time of year everyone notices Alpa fences, railing and columns, as if for the first time. This can baffle the owners who, grinning, will assure their neighbours that it’s not new–it just looks like it. Talk about having a head start on Spring home projects! It puts a smile on our faces every time.

And since Spring is the perfect time to start an Alpa project, we thought we’d start one of our own: this blog. Here, you will find valuable expert tips, helpful tutorials, and ideas to get you thinking. Plus, you’ll be the first to hear of new products and special events!

We love to discuss what we do, so please join us in this conversation. Go ahead and hit subscribe or check back frequently for exclusive home exterior insight!

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